Android Game Programming – How to enter this world

Android Game Programming

The industry of these “little games” is expected to hit $ 45 billion in 2018 and may leave the console game market eating dust in a remarkable growth.

Smartphones are dominating the world, and mobile games, which used to be mere hobbies, today receive investment, have a very high budget and deliver experiences that have the capacity to be as deep as an AAA game console or PC, making the Android 3d game programming the ball of the time in the technological market.

If you’re looking at a list of the most downloaded apps on the Android platform, you’ll find that games just will not be at the top because of instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and social networking apps like Facebook.

Android game studio

But why is it that the public’s acceptance of games is so great?

The versatility of Android games are the great attraction, bringing experiences ever closer to the consoles to the palm of the player’s hand anywhere, whether waiting for a doctor’s appointment or on the way to work.

The player is getting a flood of new games every day for all tastes, but the most popular type of game continues to be casual games, develop Android games of this type turns out to be the fastest form of Android game development company conquer the public.

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