Traffic Jam: A Free Fun Game on Android

Zatun has been making great free android games that offer as much fun as challenges to video game lovers across all the major video game platforms. Traffic Jam, which is the newest release from Zatun Studios, will leave you with a dash of adrenalin as you make concerted efforts to save the game’s hero from an irate Indian mob.

traffic jam - free android game

The Setting

While driving on a busy Indian street, your thoughts lost on your charming girlfriend, you accidentally hit Aunty, who has a battalion of friends. Her friends creep from every corner, crevice and nook on the Indian street not only to rescue her but also to get a bit of revenge from the careless driver. The battle zone is set and you must do everything to keep the objects they hurl from hitting you.

The game requires you to tap on objects that are thrown at you by the crowd in the street. Tapping at dangerous objects make them disappear while tapping at food and fruits will prolong your life. You must avoid the items hitting you in order to keep in the game.

traffic jam - free android game

The characters in the street are expertly rendered in 2D and the movements are as hilarious as the hero’s concerted efforts to get away from the items. The Bollywood track playing on the background of the action will mock you as well as urge you on. The basic question is, will you sail or sink?

The Theme

With Traffic Jam, Zatun has tried and successfully mustered the art and science of making a game that is themed for the Indian Android audience. The graphics are in every way Indian; the characters are stereotypically Indian too, while the ironical Bollywood track tops it up.

traffic jam

The setting of the game on a busy street offers an everyday life experience that many people can relate with.


• Social share your game score with Twitter and Facebook friends

• Professionally rendered graphics that operate on all android smartphones including from

the low-market end

• A Revolutionary Indian-Themed game that will resonate with an international audience

Traffic Jam available at:

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