Guidelines for Android Game Developers

As we live in the generation of smart phones, PC tablets and other such gadgets, an impressive boom was registered by the game development industry, more and more companies focusing on Android game development, due to the huge popularity of the devices that run on this operating system. If you are passionate about what is going on in the IT sector and especially in the area of game and application development, then you probably already noticed the increase in the number of Android game developers that advance high end games on Android devices, such as, a company that provides innovative products and services in the game development area, from PCs to iPads and from 3D animation to texture and UV map. Although the end result may be an innovative and engaging digital game, the process of its creation and development is not easy at all, starting from 3D modeling and ending with texture compression, and there are many guidelines that developers must follow in order to create a successful game.

Android game developers

One of the first thing to take into account when considering Android game development is the different devices. Before a developer even starts the creation process, it needs to decide what class of devices it targets, as Android devices can be lower end, which means first generation of Android devices, or high end devices, which refer to second generation. Each of this classes presents different particularities in terms of graphic performance or central processing unit, so even if the developer’s 3D modeling creativity is revolutionary, it still needs to take note of the vertices per frame capacity and whether it is a HVGA screen device or a WVGA scree device, which are much faster, but have the drawback of having large screens, making it harder to fill the screen with pixels.

Although in Android game development, there are many dissimilarities between the first generation devices and the second one and although the high end devices have a better performance, more than 50% of the Android devices on the market are part of the first. So, if a game developer wants to reach the largest audience possible, then it has to build a game that can scale between the two, which is quite a challenge to take on. However, there are many skillful, passionate and dedicated game developers, such as, which takes 3D modeling, rigging and animation to a state of art, transforming vision into reality and developing some of the most life like games for Android devices, PCs, iPhones and iPads.

There are many other steps that Android game developer has to consider carefully when trying to create a game for Android devices or to bring its games to Android, such as choosing the appropriate language, Java or C++, input systems or texture compression, it even has to consider the way end users are going to play the game, as some devices make use of directional pads, while others have multi-touch screens or trackballs. So, there is a lot more to Android game development than just pure creativity, 3D modeling or animation applications and tools. It is very important for developers to mentally go through the process of designing, creating, implementing and playing the game, before jumping to action and try to think about all the aspects down the road.

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Development of The Android Game Industry

Android Development Company

The gaming industry has undergone considerable change in recent years. Online and social games have emerged as massive markets showing explosive growth. But what really pulled out is mobile gaming. It’s very dynamic nature has influenced not only the structure of video game activity but also the attitude of consumers towards gambling.

Traditionally, we know that people have played video games in the bedroom and living room.

Nowadays, due to the development of the mobile industry, games are delivered at any time, anywhere and across a wide range of mobile devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Increasingly, the player expects to have access to his games from any device of his liking, rather than limiting himself to consoles or PCs. In addition, mobile games match our busy lifestyle; As a result, our appetite is growing. And mobile games meet our expectations. Increasing underlying strengths such as smartphone sales, tablet sales, mobile Internet subscribers and application downloads underscore a future tailored to the industry.

Android Development Growing Markets of Games

hire Android developer

A few years ago, the mobile game was dominated by two companies. However, with the growing markets for smartphones and tablets and growing advances in the development of mobile devices, Android devices are becoming the systems of choice for many portable gaming enthusiasts.

Hundreds of volunteers work in Android development.

  • Android smartphones, portable media players and tablets possess most of the essential features of portable gaming devices – touch screens, motion sensors, accelerators and fast graphics, in addition to the function as phones, coupled contact managers To wireless interfaces for Internet access.
  • An added benefit is that users Android development of games do not need to go to a store to get titles that they can browse and download games from the App Store or the Android Market.
  • It can be emphasized that smartphone and tablet games can not compete with well-designed titles for specific gaming devices.

However, it becomes clear that a large (and growing) part of the consumer market is satisfied with smartphones and tablets for general use.

All the same console game still works today, followed by online games and PC. But as the hardware continues to evolve, mobile games like Android development offer a very rich user experience. 3D technology, motion detection, and intelligent gesture recognition are becoming commonplace, allowing developers to exploit the potential of games. In short, the development of mobile games has just begun. The age of the new mobile games has begun.

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Traffic Jam: A Free Fun Game on Android

Zatun has been making great free android games that offer as much fun as challenges to video game lovers across all the major video game platforms. Traffic Jam, which is the newest release from Zatun Studios, will leave you with a dash of adrenalin as you make concerted efforts to save the game’s hero from an irate Indian mob.

traffic jam - free android game

The Setting

While driving on a busy Indian street, your thoughts lost on your charming girlfriend, you accidentally hit Aunty, who has a battalion of friends. Her friends creep from every corner, crevice and nook on the Indian street not only to rescue her but also to get a bit of revenge from the careless driver. The battle zone is set and you must do everything to keep the objects they hurl from hitting you.

The game requires you to tap on objects that are thrown at you by the crowd in the street. Tapping at dangerous objects make them disappear while tapping at food and fruits will prolong your life. You must avoid the items hitting you in order to keep in the game.

traffic jam - free android game

The characters in the street are expertly rendered in 2D and the movements are as hilarious as the hero’s concerted efforts to get away from the items. The Bollywood track playing on the background of the action will mock you as well as urge you on. The basic question is, will you sail or sink?

The Theme

With Traffic Jam, Zatun has tried and successfully mustered the art and science of making a game that is themed for the Indian Android audience. The graphics are in every way Indian; the characters are stereotypically Indian too, while the ironical Bollywood track tops it up.

traffic jam

The setting of the game on a busy street offers an everyday life experience that many people can relate with.


• Social share your game score with Twitter and Facebook friends

• Professionally rendered graphics that operate on all android smartphones including from

the low-market end

• A Revolutionary Indian-Themed game that will resonate with an international audience

Traffic Jam available at:

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Android Game Development in India

Android game development in India launched a persistent approach to enlighten people with the numerous apps and games that provide valuable utility to people.

Technology is growing rapidly that affect our everyday life, it is very necessary to preserve a smooth flow of new developments so that the presented market for any product is not disrupted with time. The Android game development is one such area that wants constant flow originality blended with aspiration for marketplace growth.

India as one of the leading manufacturer of IT professionals appreciate the necessitate to have an Android game development section in India that shall focus largely into creating new applications and games that are helpful to people who live in in India.

Moreover, professionals who work for Android development have crystal clear familiarity of widespread fields such as iOS 5, Core imaging, Android SDK, etc. This precious information helps them to have a better grip over the brittle issues related to Android development.

Deriving an unsure approach that caters necessitates of having an easy solution is always welcomed by people, but what lies in advance is the effectiveness. The Android game development in India has significantly become one of the most outstanding names when it comes of developing a special range of games that run on the Android phone. With the widespread resources and agility of the applied professionals, the stage is all set for Android game to unleash in a persistent manner.

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Leading Game Developers Companies in India

The gaming industry is one of the most flourishing industries in India, offering several opportunities for employment. It employs thousands of people in India. Nowadays game developers companies have shifted from a focused niche to the mainstream as far as the Indian market is concerned.

Modern PC’s advancements and innovations like UNIX, CPUs, 3D graphic accelerators, CD-ROM, sound cards, graphic cards etc. have helped the games development in India to a great extent. UNIX has especially helped game developers in creating space travelling games that can be played in personal computers.

Android game studio

Best game company in India offers services like PC games, online games and mobile games. Games development team comprises producers, game testers, animators, programmers, concept artists, level designers, game designers, 2D and 3D modelers and animators, primarily focused on development and distribution of concept.

Game development company is one of the fastest growing industry in India. Its basic focus is social gaming and e-commerce platforms.

Game company is one of the leading web portals not only in India but across the world. Top game company offer superior games development India in the sense that their games are created and hosted with utmost perfection by skilled designers and technologically-sound studio. The game portal developed by them is computer, mobile phone and iPhone friendly as well.

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Benefits of Outsourcing the Android Game Creation

There are many frameworks for Android game creation, out of which the simplest one is and engine is the simplest one, it helps in making the simple Android games. The other frame work for this are Cocos2D-X, libGDX, etc. every frame work has its pros and cons.

It is very difficult to understand and learn the language which is required in game creation. Java is the most popular language used in creations of gaming. There are various versions and flavors available in the frameworks. For game creation you need to know which version supports which frame work and then accordingly the frame work should be selected.

Android game programming

The game creation of Android will consume lot of time even for even for making a single game. Plus Android game developer needs to know lot of technical things in it. Over and above this, Android game developer needs to know the language, the uses of frame work and lots of other things too. So, outsourcing Android Game Creation comes into picture.

Outsourcing the creation will fetch us with lot of advantage as it is a boon for us. It will help to reach to the entire range of Android game creation’s scope which will undergo through finest methodologies in latest environment. It will help to find the untapped features and realistic views.

The responsive functions can also be found easily. Outsourcing it will be cheap and reasonable. The competition is generally analyzed in case of outsourcing because the outsourced companies will do the game creation according to what the competitions are doing and it will even try to provide better games.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Android Game Programming

The computer needs to be told how to carry out its task of Android Game Development by a programmer who knows how to communicate with the computer. Programmer basically translates the normal language into computer’s language and vice versa to communicate with the computer. Android Game Programming is one such programmer. Lot of people these days prefers Android operating system.

Android game company

To do the programming of Android games lot of costs is incurred and it involves technicality but outsourcing Android game programming can do wonders and it is a better option to opt for. Few of the advantages of Android Game Programming outsourcing are as follows:

  • There are lots of advantages of outsourcing Android game programming. They can  help us in planning the significant procedure,  which are:
  • The easy and possibility of administration by the mobile device itself;
  • Expanding customer base as outsourcing helps in saving time which can be then allotted in doing the core or the more important things.
  • It helps in the rapid market release of new services and products.
  • It helps in reducing various expenses and costs.

If outsourcing can provide us with so many benefits then why should we get into incurring huge costs, consuming time in gathering and acquiring information about the Android game development, keeping the client base stagnant! The solution to these problems is outsourcing which will ultimately increase the client base also and it is quite easy to find and hire a company or a person who will do your outsourcing job.

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